Sessions and Prices

Session prices include Internet proofing only. Printed proofs available for a small additional charge. Session fees due on day of shoot.

Family Sessions - $35.00 plus tax

Approximately one hour

This fee is limited to studio sessions and local outdoor sessions. Location sessions out of the city are available for an additional charge. All proofing is done online except for those who do not have access to the Internet. Printed proofs are available for an additional charge.

Traditional Senior - $30.00 plus tax

Limited to one hour

This is a studio-only session with the possibility of a few brick-wall shots outside in the alley. If you're interested in formal and casual portraits plus some fun shots in a couple additional outfits, this is the session for you. No limit on outfits as long as we're finished in one hour.

Prestige Senior - $40.00

Limited to two hours

This session includes both indoor and outdoor portraits. Outdoor photographs are limited to the Greenville City Park, or other special location that you may request within the city limits. Bring your favorite outfits and any props that you would like to include in your photos. Think "variety" when choosing your outfits (dressy, casual, sporty, hats and jackets). This session is limited to two hours for both indoors and outdoors combined.

Elite Senior - $60.00 plus tax

Limited to three hours

This session is for the senior who wants it all- multiple outfits in the studio, sports or club pictures, plus an outdoor session. The outdoor session will be photographed in one or more of Greenville's several parks, or may be shot at your choice of location out of town for an additional travel fee. Bring your favorite outfits as well as any desired props, and plan to have fun. This session may be shot all in one day, or broken into two sessions if you wish, one day for indoor photos and the other for the outdoor session. Sorry, but three hours is the limit though for both inside and outside without additional charges.